Workshop february 2024
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1 West Bengal Download    
2 UP V6 Draft Shahjadpur Kanaini Download    
3 Toilet Clinic and DCMS national Conference Final Download    
4 SBM conference barthanbank siddipet telangana Download    
5 Odisha Download    
6 ODF Sustainaibility Download    
7 National conference PWM WB Download    
8 Nahveen Project in Haryana Download    
10 MHM Best Practices JHARKHAND Download    
11 Mera Plastic Meri Jimmedari sonbhadra Download    
12 Kerala Plastic Waste Management Best practice through CKCL Feb 24 Download    
13 Karnatka Download    
14 Karnataka Theme capacity building and IEC Sheetal Download    
15 Jalabpur Gudhar Download    
16 Jahota The Heritage Village Download    
17 J&K Swachhta Green Leaf Rating Download    
18 J&K iec Download    
19 ITC SWM Download    
20 Haryana Download    
21 Firozabad Download    
22 DAIKI AXIS Download    
23 CB session UNICEF CB rollout Status Download    
24 BIHAR Download    
25 BHOPAL solid waste Download    
26 Ashokanagar SBM Case Study Download    
27 .A. Download    
28 Participatory Governance MyGov SBM JJM Download    
29 Patora Download    
31 Punjab Download    
32 SBMG MD Sir uttar pradesh Download    
33 Swachhta Green Leaf Rating 2040212 Download    
34 TN Kuttulingam Usage of Waste Plastic in Bituminous RoadConstruction 14.02.2024 Download    
35 TN SWM Presentation for national conference-V3 Download    
36 WB Draft Swachhatar Pothe New Addition Download    
Sr. No Title Download
37 UP Shejadpur Kanani Download    
38 Solid Waste Management -Bhopal Download    
39 Solid Waste Management - Tamil Nadu Download    
40 Best Practices on Menstrual Hygiene Management- Jharkhand Download    
41 Plastic Waste Management -Scope in Recycling by CEE Download    
42 Plastic Waste Management through Farmer Producer Company in West Bengal Download    
43 Best Practices on Plastic Waste Management- Kerala Download    
44 Plastic Waste Management-Usage of Waste Plastic in Bituminous Road Construction- Gov of Tamil Nadu Download    
45 Plastic Waste Management and Single Use Plastic- Department of Environment Forest and Climate Change- Govt of Uttar Pradesh Download    
46 Plastic Waste Management- Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Download    
47 IEC-CB Download